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We have heard you and now go home… or else

Feb 12, 2022

 “We heard you, it’s time to go home now.”  — J. Trudeau

Each word he said about the negative consequences of the Freedom Convoy actually describes the consequences of his own policies!
Politicians responsible for crimes against humanity must pay for their crimes.

Trudeau warned protesters at truck blockades in Ottawa and at the U.S. border will face “real consequences”

Here is reaction to the truth:

So who is promoting disinformation here ???



Breaking: Criminal Canadian Monopoly Dr. David Martin Exposes Why Trudeau Won’t Back Down

In an emergency broadcast, Dr. David Martin joined the Stew Peters Show on Friday to expose the real reason why Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is refusing to negotiate with his constituents on the Canadian bioweapon mandates.
Stew Peters stated that in April of 2020, Martin highlighted a quote from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, where he stated “Normality as it was before will not come back full-on until we get a vaccine for this.”
With no evidence that a vaccine has ever been successful since Pfizer’s first Coronavirus spike protein vaccine patented in 1990, this statement was unfounded. What Trudeau didn’t tell his Canadian constituents or the world was that Canada controlled the mRNA vaccine platform and was destined to become enriched by both Moderna and Pfizer’s partnership with BioNTech.
Trudeau knew that the gene therapy being promoted as a “vaccine” was an economic win for Canada and therefore Trudeau’s Canada had the monopoly on the world’s adoption of mRNA gene therapy shots. He wasn’t promoting science, he was promoting the Canadian economic interest in the gene therapy illegally promoted as a vaccine.
“Canada has a bad history of this,” Dr. David Martin told Stew Peters. “We’ve had our Kent States, and we’ve had our situations when the legal and then military actions taken against citizens end very badly.”
“These people wrote this because they knew tyrants would be here one day, and look, here they are,” Stew Peters told Dr. Martin, regarding the clear instruction given by the U.S. Constitution as to how Americans are to deal with a runaway tyrannical government.


Dr. David Nagasi powerful speech:

It is obvious that all accusations against the truckers were 100% staged false flag events

Alleged Freedom Convoy Allies Attempt to Burn Ottawa Apartment Building | A Nonsense Story



Freedom movements must win!


GIANT Rally For Freedom Against Australia’s Regime Of Terror & Forced Drugging In Canberra


CANADA: Freedom Convoy 2022

PS Follow the Science BS



New Virus, Same Power Grab


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