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Numerous Bombshell Studies Find CDC Vaccine Schedule HUGELY Harmful

Statistics don’t lie, but Big Pharma and their puppets do.
That is why they invented derogatory labels “antivaxer” and “conspiracy theory” to dismiss anyone who is questioning their agenda…

Vaccine mandates have nothing to do with science, and everything to do with profits and depopulation agenda.


PS Dr. Robert Malone: The Annual Flu Vaccine Program Is ‘Built on a Lie’


COVID in Canada Was Worse Than Communism

Dr. Emanuel Baston practiced medicine in Romania and came to Canada about 20 years ago. Dr. Baston recognized that as a population Canadians were known as nice people but during the COVID 19 experience it was way different. “You wish that your neighbor would lose their home, loose their job? Where is the empathy? Where are you as a person? That’s not the future I want for my kids.”


The CDC can’t hide this vaccine data ANYMORE

The CDC released data from its V-safe program showing how many people reported injuries from the Covid-19 vaccine. It did so in response to two lawsuits by ICAN or the Informed Consent Action Network. The data shows that 7.7% of V-safe users had a “health event” post vaccination that required medical attention including emergency room intervention or hospitalization. Another 25% experienced events that required them to miss school or work post vaccination. Why was the CDC hiding this data and why did it take litigation for us to see it?

Note: Compare the above data with Covid recovery rate 99.9% without the jab.

PS Medical Tyranny: CDC/ US Govt Scheming About Endless Masks & mRNA

Warning: This one is hard to watch …

PS Dr. Jane Ruby Show – The Jabbed Are Growing Animal Venom Glands and Ducts?




Uninformed Consent

Global Vaccination Agenda Explained


Global Vax Campaigns Or GENOCIDE?


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