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Ultimate Con Job – Forcing “treatment” on the Healthy


Watch these videos in order to understand what is happening in the world today.




Kary Mullis: Ultimate Compilation of His Best Clips & Interviews. Is This Why They Killed Him?

So many people are doctored to death (for profit). Watch out !

Only “small, fringe minority” understands what is going on with medication forced on the Healthy


PS  Covid-19 Restrictions and Dropping Restrictions was not based on science but politics!

Internal Alberta documents show masks ineffective and dropping restrictions was politically decided


PS Monkeypox fear mongering started

WHO declares monkeypox a global health emergency


Depopulation agenda (and money grab by Big Pharma) Exposed


PS It’s not over yet…

PS Dr. Robert Malone: The Annual Flu Vaccine Program Is ‘Built on a Lie’


PS WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty

Think ‘Covid19’ Was Bad? Wait For The ‘WHO Treaty’ 48 Hrs To Comply With ‘WHO’s Dr. ‘Tedros’

WHO Financing ( updated 02-2023 )

  1. United States of America 15.19%
  2. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 12.15%
  3. Germany 10.55%
  4. European Commission 7.94%
  5. GAVI Alliance 7.6%


Financing in 2021

  1. Germany 17.13%
  2. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 9.49%
  3. United States of America 7.15%
  4. European Commission 6.53%
  5. GAVI Alliance 6.43%
  6. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 5.99%
  7. World Bank 2.54%


Read the WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty

How unelected people and organizations are trying to usurp power to control the world…

“The Intergovernmental Negotiating Body agreed by consensus at its second meeting in July 2022 that the new international instrument on pandemic preparedness should be legally-binding.”

Governments hold second round of detailed discussions on proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (2005):


New Virus, Same Power Grab

If you seek you will find some answers…

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