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Tyranny Disguised As Idiocy, Propaganda As Science & Evil As Virtue

Dr. Malone: CIA is using psychological warfare against the health freedom movement



PS Unknown cause of Death

PS The plandemic was planned for decades…


Part of the depopulation agenda is elimination of large portion of population using excuse of pandemic related quarantaine of asymptomatic spreaders identified by contact tracing
The camps are basically prisons where  anyone who is exposing the truth will end up, along with regular citizens, under excuse of quarantaine.
These are basically concentration camps…

PS Resist Depopulation Agenda

They want to do WHAT to our children now?


PS Who is pulling the strings?


PS Wake up before it’s too late

PS Who is doing so called misinformation ?


PS The Most Insane Pork Stuffed In Congress’ Spending Bill

PS Warning from 1981

My Dinner With Andre (1981) – Self-Perpetuating Unconscious Brainwashing Created by A World Totalitarian Government

PS American Horror Story: The Shameful Truth About The U.S. Government’s Secret Experiments


PS Subject Related Links

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