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Sound of Freedom – Documentary




Jim Caviezel says that Mel Gibson wept when he saw the Sound of Freedom, that Hollywood is becoming irrelevant, and Disney/the propaganda media tried to stop the Passion and prevent him from talking about God.
“Mel was weeping. In a fair world, (Sound of Freedom) would hands down win best picture. Like the Passion, they won’t touch this one.
They were so upset that Jesus was the main attraction at the Oscar’s that year. They chose to block us out (of the Academy). They’ve become irrelevant.
They are talking about killing a baby 27 days after they are born. How does that save a mother’s life? We’re done with all your pedo laws. We’re done with the woke. What are we going to leave for our children? When I did the Count of Monte Christo, Disney wanted me to remove God from the script. I had to make a decision. I had to say no. Disney said, oh so you’re one of those…So I held my ground and by God they backed off. We’ve got to be strong Christians like that. To hold our ground when we have to. And say you know what, I’m not buying that product anymore.”


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