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What is causing the shortages in fuel, food, and fertilizer that are debilitating society, and who is behind what appears to be a clearly planned mission to paralyze the world?

In 2015, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta, held a war drill in Washington D.C., where a global famine was prepared for, in the event that the nation of Ukraine fell into war. Much like the infamous Event 201, an emergency drill in 2019 which prepared for a Covid pandemic which materialized shortly after, the elite which planned for global starvation were eerily prophetic in their predictions of doom, and have preparations in place to gain power through the chaos.

Who is Jim Savage? What is the depopulation agenda? And how can we respond to protect our families? All these questions and more are answered in “Shortage”!

From the makers of “Watch the Water” and “These Little Ones”…



Vatican Signals Global COLLAPSE, Vaxx DESTROYS Human Reproduction

The World Bank Group is promoting a new practice it calls “Climate-Smart Agriculture.” This is simply another cover up for GLOBALIST CONTROL.

Pope Francis has put the word out, ordering every entity affiliated with the Vatican to transfer all their financial assets into the Vatican Bank by the end of the month. This is a HUGE warning of an incoming global economic crisis.

Clayton Llewelyn joins to warn about the coming shortages are bound to impact America.

Naomi Wolf joins to expose how Pfizer documents have collected vaccine injuries that target the reproductive system. Big Tech is covering up the crime scene, and China is involved!

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Poisons, Theft & Flame: Widescale Economic UN/ EU Sabotage To Bring Down The World Population

Depopulation agenda is not a conspiracy theory


PS Just endure a bit longer, so we can screw you all the way…



Scenarios for the Future Explained


Ultimate Con Job – Forcing “treatment” on the Healthy

Tyranny Disguised As Idiocy, Propaganda As Science & Evil As Virtue


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