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Psyops & Censorship

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transitive verb. 1 : to deceive by underhanded methods : dupe, hoodwink I got bamboozled by the salesperson to buy a more expensive model. 2 : to confuse, frustrate, or throw off thoroughly or completely a quarterback bamboozled by an unexpected defense.

Controlled opposition – Psyop


The Bamboozle Has Captured Us

Let’s Seriously Follow The Science & Verifiable Evidence

By David DeGraw

The F.D.A. & W.H.O. are 100% guilty of Crimes Against Humanity. They strategically suppressed safe, inexpensive, widely available, well-proven life-saving treatments while endorsing expensive, much less effective & significantly more harmful treatments, which led to millions of unnecessary deaths & buried billions of people in debt. The overall harm worldwide is beyond comprehension.

What is it about this that people are not understanding?

That’s a serious & genuine question.

I know the censorship & PSYOPS have been much more sophisticated than people generally realize, and the suppression tactics have been wickedly intense, but it is all so blatantly obvious now.

None of this is rocket science. The systemic accountability mechanisms, the government agencies that are supposed to protect us have been captured & corrupted.

If we don’t hold these “health” agencies accountable, the predatory & inhumane profiteering rackets will continue to run amok.

I’ve been analyzing systemic power dynamics for over two decades. The systemic momentum toward all-out totalitarian fascism is terrifyingly obvious.

Please WAKE UP & stop cheering on your own demise…

I say all of this out of love & respect to you & your family.

I don’t want to keep making posts like this.

By reporting on all this, my life has been turned upside down in shockingly unbelievable ways. I’m fighting a war to defend people from power-addicted predatory systemic forces & far too many people that I am fighting to defend are either irrationally critical or stunningly silent.

Goes with the territory, but I keep thinking about that old Malcolm X quote, to put a new spin on it:

If you are not careful, the algorithms will have you loving your oppressors & hating your allies.

I learned years ago to never underestimate people’s ability to block out the evil that spirals around us. We have conditioned blind spots, convenient blind spots, just keep it covert, CIA style, see no evil, hear no evil, and most definitely speak no evil.

Shhhh… nothing to see here…

The more traumatizing wider-reality becomes, the more people indulge in denial, as a coping mechanism. That’s how good, well-meaning people end up on the wrong side of history.

The bottom line though, to give people every benefit of doubt…

Evil has become so evil that good-hearted people can’t even comprehend how evil it is.

In general, people are tragically unaware of what’s possible with new technologies of control.

The A.I. machine-learned algorithmic manipulation of individual-specific confirmation biases is a devastating weapon in the hands of Psychological Operations experts & behavioral engineers. I’ve reported on this topic in detail. Every move we make online, everything we do on our phones, everything we communicate is now weaponized against us to create behavioral profiles, so A.I. can analyze, predict, manipulate & control everything we think & do.

We are not protecting the access points to our deepest psychological processes. We are giving away the keys to our minds – the root drivers of our thoughts, actions & behaviors.

The A.I. machine-learned individual-specific enslavement of humanity is 100% real & provable.

It is an individual-specific attack… take it personally, it is as deeply personal as it can get.

It all sounds like a demonic dystopian crazy conspiracy theory because new technologies of control have wickedly evolved beyond general comprehension.

The War on Terror, which is now 20-years old, has been an experimental playground for the technologies of control, as has China. They have both been breeding grounds for fascism to flourish.

Interests acting on behalf of technocratic fascist ideology now have all the weapons needed to enslave humanity, and they have clearly captured the government agencies that are supposed to protect us & hold them accountable.

Again, no need for conspiracy theories, it is provable based on blatant systemic dynamics.

To not realize that is to be dangerously naïve.

Also, for all of you who think nanotech injections, “micro-chips” and gene-modification are wild conspiracy theories, again, you are tragically unaware of the latest in tech weapons.

Read about DARPA projects, you can even read the Moderna website. They openly say that they are creating human bio-Operating Systems and use nanotech injections and “vaccines” to create “the software of life,” which is a Moderna marketing slogan.

That’s why the power-crazed maniac Bill Gates is a “vaccine” pusher. He wants your body to test out experimental beta bio-OS 0.666.

Again, this is not a theory, it is blatant reality.

As I’ve reported on in the very beginning of the pandemic, even the Congressional Research Service warned Congress that the very gene-editing injections we are now taking were a potential “Weapon of Mass Destruction.” In 2018, the entirety of the U.S. Intelligence Community issued an alert classifying gene-editing injections as WMDs.

Do you understand how wildly dangerous & inhumane it is to skip animal trials & give out en masse highly experimental, never tried before, mRNA tech injections that reprogram your immune system?


Based on a bunch of rigged short-term trials!

Also, insisting that people who have had COVID get the experimental injections is obscene medical malpractice & makes zero scientific sense – add that to the laundry list of Crimes Against Humanity.

And by the way, these Big Pharma-rigged clinical trial rackets need to be shutdown – Remdesivir & the “vaccines” are just the latest criminal examples.

While we are at it, let’s not forget that they have been consistently caught rigging trials against non-patented medicines, and they have no hesitation in killing hundreds of people — with purposeful lethal doses — just so they can protect their treatment monopoly rackets.

It’s grotesquely evil. Big Pharma is just one giant predatory sickcare Crimes Against Humanity profiteering racket addiction.

The FDA Emergency Use Authorization process & the COVID Treatment Guidelines Panel are blatantly obvious examples of that.

COVID is so far beyond just Big Pharma corruption though, obviously.

The systemic decision-making processes throughout the entire pandemic has been utterly corrupt. Right from the start, beyond the strategic suppression of treatments & repetitive orchestration of PSYOPS, the congressional bills, the CARES Act was an outrageous financial heist as well.

They enthroned Black Rock! Mr. Larry “the markets love totalitarian governments” Fink was given trillions of dollars.

During the pandemic, billionaires gained $4 trillion in wealth, while 99% of us were buried in debt.

Do you think that was a coincidence?

It’s “disaster capitalism” 101. Any crisis is seized upon & exploited by the most power-addicted forces.

It’s all obviously a systemic problem.

The “too big to fail” doctrine has run amok. The ’08 financial crisis emphatically proved that “too big to fail” meant “too big to jail.” It opened up a bull market in tyrannical corruption.

The Bank of Credit & Commerce International corporate-intel collusion model has now become the systemic norm.

The most powerful global corporations in collusion with the “National Security” state know they can do whatever they want because they know they have captured the systemic accountability mechanisms – that is why we are now confronted with increasingly inhumane profiteering rackets.

Again, it is not rocket science… but if you actually “follow the science,” it’s all absurdly provable…

We have to deploy Ivermectin to the masses to protect ourselves from the bio-weapon known as COVID-19. Yes, that’s right, I stated a fact, it is a bio-weapon that can be neutralized by Ivermectin, among other widely available treatments.

Ivermectin will definitely help protect us, keep us healthy & is the most effective & safest well-proven way to stop the spread. If we had real health agencies, they would have given out inexpensive treatment kits to protect us without ever having absurdly unnecessary lockdowns.

FYI, Ivermectin is also proving effective in treating post-vaccine syndromes.

No one has to feel scared or trapped or duped or past any point of no return… YET… time is definitely not on our side though – the systemic momentum is rapidly moving in a wickedly oppressive direction.

We need to take back the systemic accountability mechanisms. We need a COVID Inspector General Task Force to investigate every move that our government agencies have made, so we can hold people accountable for Crimes Against Humanity & corruption, or shockingly inept criminal negligence at best.

We also need high profile court cases. All of this is provable in court. The evidence is all over the place. COVID is a sloppy shitshow of imperial overreach. It’s imperial overreach pre-k.

COVID is the point in which the system became overrun in corruption & power-addicted forces ran amok because they think they are above the law, because the “too big to fails” are backed by the unaccountable & utterly corrupted surveillance state.

Shh… it goes something like this…

Big Banks-Big Intel, Big Tech-Big Intel, Big Pharma-Big Intel, Big Energy-Big Intel, Big Weapons-Big Intel, Big Gov-Big Intel… the imperial fascist seed has blossomed, NatSec-backed-“capitalism.”

It’s all Unconventional Warfare in a time of Full Spectrum Dominance.

And to be clear, most people who work in Big Intel & for other Big Corporate Cartels are good people, I need to clarify that. I know many people throughout the U.S. Intel Community who I consider courageous & patriotic, and they are focused on defending the greater good.

Unfortunately, of course, the covert nature of it makes the left hand tragically unaware of what the right hand is up to. We have far too many “unaccountable fiefdoms” operating in secrecy, as former Defense Secretary Robert Gates once said.

Ultimately, it’s not about any one evil group or dark conspiracy though. It’s not a people problem, per se. It’s a systems problem. “National Security” secrecy has torched the checks & balances and rendered the Constitution null & void.

Thankfully, strategically, Inspector Generals have the power to fully investigate covert operations and every move every agency makes.

We need to urgently investigate, prosecute & regain control of the systemic accountability mechanisms. If we don’t do that, the increasingly inhumane & oppressive profiteering rackets will continue to run wild.

I’m obviously getting repetitive… just trying to drive these points home because I am increasingly alarmed & horrified by present systemic momentum, and genuinely want to know what people are not understanding about all this.

I am doing my best to survey / analyze the overall battlefield & translate it back in a way that the average person can understand. That’s what real journalism is for. Investigative journalism is a vital strategic societal guidance system – a societal GPS that helps people navigate the oppressive forces that spiral around us, that focuses attention on the most critical issues, so free people can make wise decisions that will determine their fate.

That’s why power-addicted interests have always known that media ownership, control of the communication & information systems, is the frontline of power, the tip of the spear. Hence, the consolidation & weaponization of mainstream media & Big Tech.

The imperial divide & conquer propaganda / PSYOPS is obvious relentless & devastating, but we have to overcome it to find common ground so we can effectively organize around it. We all have much more in common than is generally realized.

We all want to live in a healthy community that gives our families the opportunity to fulfill their potential.

Alas, the political, health, economic & media systems around us are corrupted & hellbent on our enslavement.

The global economy, the global Operating System is outdated & corrupted with an imperial pathological short sighted greed source code that is fundamentally designed & programmed to consolidate wealth & power into fewer and fewer hands, which makes the masses dependent on large centralized systems for the necessities of life for ever-increasing debt, hence the all-time record-breaking debt spiraling across every major sector of the economy.

None of this is confusing, it is all absurdly blatant systemic corruption.

The technologies that could set us free, enlighten & empower us to self-actualize & become self-sufficient for necessities, the technologies that can make us thrive independently & make corrupted centralized forces obsolete, have been weaponized against us.

COVID is a textbook example of what a desperate endangered oligarchy does before collapsing in imperial overreach & being reduced to the dustbin of history.

Now that this quick post has become way too long & taken on a life of its own… I want to mention that I know some highly influential people who have been appalling silent on many of the issues I’ve discussed here.

I was somewhat sympathetic at first because they didn’t want speak out & deal with the censorship & ramifications of not going along with the “official” narrative during a pandemic, and of course people who have huge YouTube & social media followings don’t want to risk losing a vital platform that they have put years of work into, totally understandable.

However, we are definitely past that point now. Everything is so obvious now, we need highly influential people to STEP UP RIGHT NOW.


It is strategically wise & vital for influential people to step up now because everything has become provably obvious.

We have SOLID EVIDENCE behind us now.

For an example of what is currently possible, the new Dr. Pierre Kory & Bret Weinstein YouTube interview clearly discussed many key issues concerning the systemic Crimes Against Humanity that have occurred & are presently in process. Watch that interview!

I also want to give some credit & respect publicly to my old friend Russell Brand. He now boldly stands out as a true leader w/ a huge social media following who is speaking out on some of the key issues that I’ve been reporting on. He is doing it in a wise, compassionate & inspiring way.

Cheers mate ✊

Where the hell are all my other old influential friends who used to speak truth to power???

Some of you are still obsessively bitching about Trump… and/or reinforcing divide & conquer identity politics, which are issues I respect, but on the present battlefield identity politics are known as “psycho-graphic segmentation,” which makes it easier to unleash behavioral micro-targeting & get people to cheer on their own demise.

In PSYOPS, identity politics are used to silo off targeted populations into the smallest possible demographics, to tribalize people, so you can make them fight amongst each other while imperial forces loot wealth & resources & consolidate power – you know, exactly what has been happening in “1st world” countries over the past few years.

Imperial systemic forces have long exploited the 3rd world & developing world, but the imperial seed has blossomed beyond any one nation state & with new tech it is colonizing the minds & bodies of first world populations now – that’s where the action is at with COVID.

The battlefield is ever-evolving, stop fighting the last war, with new tech weapons we need eternal vigilance while running over quickly shifting terrain.

Evil exists 1 step ahead of our consciousness.

The attack against your “individual-specific” mind is 100% legit.

Defend yourself, defend your family.

We are now at a critical tipping point where the evidence is clear enough to rally around. If we don’t effectively organize & step up now things will get much worse – there is way too much negative tyrannical momentum. We need to hit the brakes.

Ignoring what is presently unfolding & going along with it is an increasing abusive prison sentence.

Alright, I’ll end this…

I know I sound too hardcore way too often. I hate making these posts & getting criticized & banned for 30 days over & over & over… but I’m not exactly pissing in the wind… despite all the suppression, censorship & dirty tactics, there’s still you & other aware people who will read this… not that many, not nearly enough, but there is a growing critical mass & this is an all-out war that we’ve been fighting to save as many lives as possible.

We have saved many lives!!

For the past solid year now, I’ve been spending significant time interacting with top medical experts & doctors across the world who have been saving many lives with safe, widely available non-patented treatments, and when I report on it & post about it, a bunch of people who have been locked down in their homes watching TV keep telling me that I am the crazy and delusional one.


The surreal absurdity of it all is beyond comprehension.

We have to stop the “official narrative” death march. We can’t keep cheering on our own demise.

I am your friend, who is working hard & battling to help defend you & your family, and I’m getting my ass kicked in every direction in the process. I am just a little gnat who gets flicked around by the most powerful forces on the planet. It is an absolute miracle that I am still alive & able to even type this post.

I genuinely don’t know if I’m going to make it, it feels increasingly unlikely at this point, but if you have to pick a hill to die on, the enslavement of your friends, family, children & humanity is it!!!

If you think I’m too intense, you clearly have no clue what technocratic fascism is.

Ignorance is not bliss – it is an increasingly abusive prison sentence.

Every word is typed out of love… I have compassion for everyone, we are all under systemic attack & making sense of the oppressive forces is harder than ever.

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PS The Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Technology:
Dr Robert Malone

The Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Technology: Dr Robert Malone
Not an interview, but a 12min summary and commentary of Dr Malone’s thoughts around the spike protein.Also, a sober warning to those like me who are very pro-vaccine but should not ignore the evidence emerging around this particular crop of vaccines.

Full 3 hour conversation with Dr Robert Malone, Brett Weinstein and Steve Kirsch:—————————————-DISCERNABLE®The Podcast: Crew Mailing List: Video Archive:

PS Godfrey Bloom

Especially the muzzled morons, and the complicit uninformed who are – even now – still lapping up BBC and MSM propaganda wrt deaths, variants, and all other Coronabollox.I will say again, THIS IS NOT ABOUT PUBLIC HEALTH – THIS IS ABOUT POLITICAL CONTROL

PS Dr Andrew Kaufman
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