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This Plan was revealed in 1981…

Here is alleged quote from a 1981 book Verbatim by Jacques Attali

“The future will be about finding a way to reduce the population… Of course, we will not be able to execute people or build camps. We get rid of them by making them believe it is for their own good… We will find or cause something, a pandemic targeting certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus affecting the old or the elderly, it doesn’t matter, the weak and the fearful will succumb to it. The stupid will believe in it and ask to be treated. We will have taken care of having panned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution. The selection of idiots will therefore be done by itself: they will go to the slaughterhouse alone.”

Fact Checkers claim that the above quote is just a fabrication, however even if that is correct claim, it is amazing how Covid-19 pandemic fits the above “quote”!

Besides the book by Jacques Attali, French fact-checkers also analyzed another book “The Future of Life” about Jacques Attali. The book was released in 1981 and it represents a collection of interviews conducted by Michel Salomon with Attali. The book contains several fragments, where Attali talks about people aged 60-65, noting that in the very logic of industrial society, the objective will no longer be to extend life expectancy, but to ensure that within a specific lifespan, people live as well as possible but in such a way that health expenses will be as low as possible in terms of costs for the community. Attali also noted in the interview that “euthanasia will be one of the essential instruments of our future societies in all cases”. He, however, clarifies that he is not a supporter of euthanasia. Probably, the quote according to which Attali allegedly spoke about reduction and artificial destruction of population at the expense of old people emerged just after manipulative interpretation of this interview.

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PS About Jacques Attali

Jacques Attali born 1 November 1943) is a French economic and social theorist, writer, political adviser and senior civil servant, who served as a counselor to President François Mitterrand from 1981 to 1991, and was the first head of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development from 1991 to 1993. In 1997, upon the request of education minister Claude Allègre, he proposed a reform of the higher education degrees system. From 2008 to 2010, he led the government committee on how to ignite the growth of the French economy, under President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Attali co-founded the European program EUREKA, dedicated to the development of new technologies. He also founded the non-profit organization PlaNet Finance, now called Positive Planet, and is the head of Attali & Associates (A&A), an international consultancy firm on strategy, corporate finance and venture capital.
He has published more than fifty books, including Noise: The Political Economy of Music (1985), Labyrinth in Culture and Society: Pathways to Wisdom (1999), and A Brief History of the Future (2006).

In 2009, Foreign Policy called him as one of the top 100 “global thinkers” in the world.

Since his earliest books, Attali foresaw and announced signals of the future, albeit weak at the time, that later came true: In La parole et l’outil (1976), he announced and described the shift from an energy-based society to an information-based society. In Bruits, in 1977, he announced what would later be the internet, YouTube, and the importance of musical practice; in La nouvelle économie française, in 1978, he discussed the coming emergence of the personal computer, hyper-surveillance and self-surveillance. In Les trois mondes, in 1980, he announced the shift of the centre of power around the Pacific. In L’ordre Cannibale, in 1980, he announced the advent of a prosthetic society, now known as transhumanism. In Histoires du temps, he announced the rapid pace of history and the growing immediacy of relationships. In Amours, he announced the emergence of poly-romantic relationships. In Au propre et au figuré, he announced the break-up of property and its use, and subsequently he invented the concept of the “nomadic object.” In Lignes d’horizons, in 1990, he predicted the relative decline of US power. In Brève histoire de l’avenir, he announced a corporate power grab by health data and insurance companies. In L’homme nomade, he described the great movement of populations whose sedentary life was only a temporary stage.

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