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Here is an open challenge to ANYONE to provide data that COVID-19 is a greater threat to children under 19 than the flu.

Dr. James L Chestnut MSc, DC, CCWP

Here are some inconvenient truths. Flu, on average, causes about 10 deaths per year in people under 19 in Canada. To date, over almost 2 years, COVID has been associated with 19 deaths in people under 19 in Canada (all involving SEVERE comorbidities).
So, this means Flu is associated with approximately the same risk as COVID for children under 19 – a major difference being that deaths attributed to COVID are reported differently than deaths attributed to FLU. Deaths in people with severe comorbidities or other severe illnesses who also happened to get the flu were not, in the past, recorded as flu deaths. That is not the case for COVID.
So, what is the justification to vaccinate children if they are at no risk from COVID?
The HYPOTHETICAL risk of long covid? Where is the data on this risk? How does this compare to long flu (yes there is such a thing). Are people willing to say that vaccinating healthy children based on a hypothetical, undocumented risk, when we have had almost 2 years to gather real data, is “following the science”? NO DATA!!!
Because we have to protect the elderly? Where is the data that children are a threat to the elderly and, most importantly, where is the data that vaccinating kids can reduce the risk to anyone else in a clinically meaningful way? NO DATA!!!
When has a society ever exposed healthy children to an unknown risk (or the known risk of increased myocarditis/pericarditis) for the hypothetical, unproven chance to maybe protect an adult? NEVER!!
It is NOT unselfish, scientific, logical, or ethical to vaccinate children with no data it will benefit them, it is SELFISH, unscientific, illogical, and unethical.
It is not unselfish, scientific, logical, or ethical to vaccinated children with no data it will protect adults or other children, it is selfish, unscientific, illogical, and unethical.
Why are we projecting fear of covid onto children? Because the media has created the FALSE IMPRESSION that covid is deadly or dangerous for everyone but the DATA DOES NOT SUPPORT THIS!!
Why are parents afraid of covid for their healthy children? Not from science, not from logic, not from CDC data, but from misinformation and fear mongering.
PROVE ME WRONG! I invite data and I will stand corrected when and if it is provided.
Provide data masks protect children by reducing infection and transmission. When and if you provide valid data I will happily stand corrected.
Where are the advocates for children? Are we so brainwashed and so fearful and incapable of executive, cortical thinking from this fear that we actually believe that vaccinating children is necessary and unselfish??? WHERE IS THE DATA?????
Where is the fear of flu for children? How did we survive all these years with flu without panic and fear? How did we keep schools open? How did we do this without masks or vaccine mandates? Maybe because we were not convinced to fear flu? Have we ever had “FLU” counters on television and every radio newscast? If we did, do you think we could have created the same fear of flu as we did Covid? What legitimate reason is there for fear for children from Covid?
If you are a parent that fears COVID for your child, ask yourself where that fear came from? Was it from an actual evaluation of the risk based on CDC data or was if from newscasts and social media?
Has social media ever fact checked over estimates of risk from Covid? Has the media?
If fear is from misinformation, how can you suggest that is in the best interest of your child or the public? When has creating irrational fear ever been in the public’s best interest?
Do you know the actual risk data for your child or for yourself? Do you understand who is actually at risk from severe outcomes from COVID? Is it healthy people or is it obese, diabetic people with comorbidities and frail elderly in care homes?
Does a news story about a “healthy” young person with COVID represent actual data or does it represent fear mongering? Do they consider an obese person healthy? Do they ever put these cases into perspective of actual risk based on actual CDC data? How often is the average age of death from COVID reported on the news? Do you know the average age of death from COVID is greater than the average lifespan?
Do they report the hundreds of millions of cases that recover without hospitalization? Do they report the BMI and comorbidity status and age of hospitalizations, ICU admissions, and deaths?
All I ask is that you THINK and do some actual analysis of risk based on actual data.
Is it unreasonable to ask for valid data proving risk from COVID for children (and anyone else), and valid data proving meaningful clinical or real world benefit from a vaccine before mandating vaccines for children (or anyone else)?
Remember, a lowered individual risk of hospitalization can NEVER validly be used to justify a vaccine mandate in order to “protect others” from infection or hospitalization and death. If you really want to reduce hospitalizations during and after COVID reduce obesity – it will have a FAR greater effect on individual and societal health.
To paraphrase George Bernard Shaw, ‘The reasonable willingly adapt themselves to what everyone else is doing, the unreasonable do not. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable.’ I know many see me as unreasonable. What many don’t do, is show my opinions are wrong with valid data or logic or ethics.
I have always openly admitted, based on valid data, that there is a very small proportion of the population who are at high risk from COVID and whose fear is reasonable. These people should take measures to protect themselves and society should take measures to protect them. I fully support this and always have. I have, from the beginning, called for targeted not mass intervention policy.
However, the IRREFUTABLE FACT is that the VAST MAJORITY of the population is at no greater risk from COVID than the flu and their fear is based on misinformation and is unreasonable and is resulting in illogical, harmful beliefs and behaviors and policies, especially with respect to our children.
This is simply irrefutable with data. It is only refutable with dogma and fear. Please don’t let dogma and fear caused by misinformation and disguised as “following the science” win the day.
If I’m wrong, then you should be easily able to PROVE ME WRONG. Cite data and I will adjust my opinion accordingly and do it publicly.
Let’s be respectful and kind, allow open debate and discussion of the ACTUAL DATA shape our beliefs, our actions, and our policies.

Dr. James L Chestnut MSc, DC, CCWP

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