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Deadly Deception


“The vaccine was not brought in for COVID. COVID was brought in for the vaccine. Once you realize that, everything else makes sense.” ~ Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

So many people are doctored to death. Watch out



In a speech in the European Parliament earlier this month, German MP Christine Anderson described the coercion of people into taking COVID vaccines as the “biggest crime ever committed on humanity.”


Soon we will witness “health by subscription”.
“Busters are just like recharging your phone battery” say the agents of Big Pharma.


HIV/AIDS Playbook… Repeated in 2020/2021 ?

Dr. Robert Willner, an American medical scientist noted for his role in AIDS research, once accused Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and the Chief Medical Advisor to President Joe Biden, of genocide.


Depopulation agenda is not a conspiracy theory

Vax Induced Autoimmunity Self-Destruction: Dr Bhakdi’s ALARMING New Presentation: mRNA Tech/ Danger






They shut down the world and never even tried to prove it was justified. We need more debates.

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PS A chilling scene from the 2014 film One by One that turns true in 2020


How Civil Disobedience Safeguards Freedom and Prevents Tyranny


He laid the accusation during a televised press conference on the sidelines of an alternative medicine meeting in Greensboro, North Carolina in 1994.

During the same conference, he shook the medical community when he jabbed his finger with blood he said was from an HIV-infected patient.

Willner, who championed the view that AIDS is not caused by HIV infection, condemned members of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for allegedly perpetrating the “most horrible scandal and scam” ever perpetrated in the name of science and in all history by claiming that it is.

He dared Fauci, who became Director of NIAID in 1984, and his colleagues to sue him if they thought he was defaming them.

“I wish they would take me to court because they have been putting out a killer drug knowingly.

“Because in a court of law, I would have the opportunity to provide the absolute proof and evidence as I have in my book: Deadly Deception.”

He said he enjoyed support from a wide range of physicians and scientists in his assertion.

Willner’s Florida medical license was suspended in 1990 following a Florida Board of Medicine ruling that he had made inappropriate medical claims for food products.

He died on April 15, 1995, of a “heart attack”.

NOTE: Substitute “AIDS” with “Covid-19” in this 1994 talk and you will understand 2020 plandemic.
They tried it before with AIDS and the Swine Flu, now they own the media, so this playbook/scenario is more successful…

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All the evidence the world needs to see to understand the COVID19 SARS -CoV-2 LIE will be found.

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May 17, 2020 You are going to find the SAME Criminals! Gallo, Fauci, Barrick, Birx, Gotlib, the NIH, FDA, CDC, AMA & WHO.
December 7th 1994 Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Greensboro, N.C., Dr Willner (a medical doctor of 40 years experience) an outspoken whistleblower of the AIDS hoax.
In front of a gathering of about 30 alternative-medicine practitioners and several journalists, Willner stuck a needle in the finger of Andres, 27, a Fort Lauderdale student who says he has tested positive for HIV. Then, wincing, the 65-year-old doctor stuck himself.
In 1993, Dr. Willner stunned Spain by inoculating himself with the blood of Pedro Tocino, an HIV positive hemophiliac. This demonstration of devotion to the truth and the Hippocratic Oath he took, nearly 40 years before, was reported on the front page of every major newspaper in Spain. His appearance on Spain’s most popular television show invoked a 4 to 1 response by the viewing audience in favor of his position against the “AIDS hypothesis.” When asked why he would put his life on the line to make a point, Dr. Willner replied: “I do this to put a stop to the greatest murderous fraud in medical history. By injecting myself with HIV positive blood, I am proving the point as Dr. Walter Reed did to prove the truth about yellow fever. In this way it is my hope to expose the truth about HIV in the interest of all mankind.”
He tested negative multiple times.
He died of a Heart attack 4 months later 15th April 1995

One of the biggest in history brainwashing campaigns

Warning from 2020 – NWO agenda is now unfolding as predicted…

If you seek you will find some answers…


PS We will never know how safe it is until we start giving it …


PS Big Pharma is making Huge Profits from this Scam

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COVID-21 arrived sooner than planned

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