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A picture is worth a thousand words…

The End Game : Maintain Humanity under 500 million

How To – Methodology…

Culling Human Population Scenarios/Planning

Culling – reduction of a wild animal population by selective slaughter.

“They” were preparing for it for many years

It’s not a conspiracy theory – it is a CONSPIRACY that is impossible to comprehend by a normal person.

They were preparing for culling long time ago.
Covid-19 created new opportunity…



The photos below were posted in Sep 11, 2008

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The FEMA Emergency camps were build long time ago. USA, Canada and Australia have plenty of them and new ones are being built as well. They might be used as Quarantaine/Detention camps for the unvaccinated…
Notice who were main organizers of this “event”… and who will profit the most

Recommendation #7: Call for severe censorship in the name of “greater good” :

Implementation: Plandemic Announcement and Fear mongering using Media, Censorship

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“Trust Us” …


Censorship of any truth that is against the Plandemic agenda
Research Worldwide Protests against Mandatory Vaccination and Lockdowns…

Around 200 protesters in the state capital Melbourne rallied with chants of “freedom” and “human rights matter”, surrounded by swarms of police.

Watch this video if you have any doubts…

Covid Vaccination Passport – rhetoric by the Prime Minister of Australia ( Scott Morrison ).

Video above presented by RebelNews.


Grow U.S. testing capacity from 3 million to 30 million tests per week!!!


Copyright ANI Photo
Official Covid related death rate: 1.59% (675,071/42,234,211 ) as per above table.

Note: This number could be even lower… There are many allegations that during pandemic many death were incorrectly classified as Covid death, many death in hospitals were caused by use of remdesevir as part of the treatment protocol, and many death resulted from vaccine itself.
… and shame not vaccinated

Plans for the Near Future


2020 Pandemic Major Key Players and Stakeholders

  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the organization led by Dr. Fauci
  • The Rockefeller Foundation
  • Global Business Network
  • International Monetary Fund (IMF)
  • “Big Pharma”
  • The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security
  • World Economic Forum

With nearly unlimited wealth and influence these players managed to set the entire world on the course towards the Global Reset, which in the nutshell means: New World Order and total population surveillance and control (well described in the novel 1984).

When psychopaths have political power and own few obedient “dogs” to control the sheeply, only united resistance can stop their evil plans…

PS Agenda for Canada revealed in Oct 2020 by a Whistleblower

Here are few highlights of the “planned outcomes” from the letter (sent to Dr. Wolfe by a Liberal Party member participating in the Strategic Planning Committee steered by PM office. )

Note: Although there is no proof, it is possible that the letter is genuine, in the context of current world events and agendas of influential international organizations.
Observe what happens in 2021 (half of the agenda has already been implemented)  … and hope this plan will not succeed.

Note: watch the introduction, or forward to about 6 min

What we experience nowadays is the unfolding of the Great Reset agenda – paving the road to the NWO

It is like a dystopian horror movie script (revealed in October 2020 by a Canadian Whistleblower):

— 2021—

  • First Quarter ( Q1 ) of 2021 – Reform and transition of the Unemployment Programs into Universal Basic Income
  • End of Feb 2021 –Covid-19 mutation referred as Covid-21 leading to 3rd wave of pandemic with higher transmission and mortality rate (note: it was released sooner, just before Christmas 2020, because of rising awareness of the public and fear of bigger than expected resistance to the agenda)
  • By Q1 2021 – pandemic will exceed capacity of medical care facilities
  • Q2 of 2021 – Third Lockdown with travel restrictions between provinces and cities (started in Europe before Christmas – sooner than planned). April 26, 2021 – Announced in Canada:
  • Q2 of 2021 – Transition to Universal Basic Income [ already in discussion: CBC News: ]

Above: “Done already”…  Below: “Coming Soon”:

  • End of Q2 – economic breakdowns, shortage of supplies ( food and goods ) [Dec 20, 2020: media is already talking about it: POSSIBLE FOOD SHORTAGES UK, MUTATING STRAIN IN EUROPE ]
  • Q3 – Deployment of military personnel into major metropolitan areas; travel checkpoints
  • by End of 2021 – to offset economic collapse, Federal Government will offer to eliminate personal debt  (“World Debt Reset Program” – funding courtesy of IMF )  in exchange for individual’s forfeiting ownership of properties and assets AND agreement to participate in Covid vaccination schedule which would provide individuals with unrestricted travel and living ( even during lockdown) through the use of ID program called Canada Health Pass.
  • Individuals who refuse to participate in these programs will be considered as “public safety risk” and placed indefinitely in the “isolation facilities” until they accept the programs.

Apparently this agenda will be implemented in all other countries.

PS The Most Trusted Faces during 2020-2021

Here is an incomplete list of most trustworthy people in 2020-2021

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